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Climate Changing? Meuse Adapting!


2, bd Gambetta - BP 60 039

60321 Compiègne cedex
phone : 33 (0)3 44 92 60 86
fax : 33 (0)3 44 92 60 70
website : www.cetmef.developpement-durable.gouv.fr
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Les actualité du partenaire :

  • Site visit - Ny village and the Naives plain - Belgium
  • AMICE officially approved
  • First Project Steering Group meeting
  • WP4 starts !
  • Progresses from WP1
  • Project Steering Group meeting report - First Payment Claim
  • WP2 Partners share experience
  • WP2 Partners share experience
  • First ERDF subsidy received by AMICE project
  • WP4 progresses
  • First edition of AMICE newsletter
  • WorkPackage 1 follow-up meeting
  • Meuse Symposium - the AMICE session
  • Project Steering Group 3 - meeting report
  • WP4 report on Flood crisis management in the Meuse basin
  • AMICE Site Visit on Amel Amblève
  • Actions 6 and 7 start
  • Report of the last WP4 meeting
  • WP1 report on the Analysis of climate change, high-flows and low-flows scenarios on the Meuse basin
  • Summary : Analysis of climate change, high-flows and low-flows scenarios on the Meuse basin
  • Third issue of Meuse and Climate
  • Updates on WP1 actions
  • SICadapt! Cluster Kick-off
  • WP4 Meeting
  • Project Steering Group 5
  • Kick-off Seminar for the Transnational flood crisis management Exercise
  • Cluster Website and Expert Board
  • Site Visit on the Rur reservoirs
  • WP1 updates
  • WP1 update: transnational damage functions agreed
  • Information sharing on the organisation of national flood exercises
  • Meuse and Climate 4 presents the AMICE project s latests activities
  • Action 6 finished - Action 8 starts !
  • Full hydraulic modeling of the Meuse basin
  • Project Steering Group 8
  • Transnational flood crisis management exercise
  • Meuse and Climate 5
  • WP1 meeting
  • International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering Aachen (IWASA)
  • climate impacts and climate proofed measures
  • Project Steering Group n.7
  • Feedback on the Walloon and French flood exercises
  • Hoogwaterbeheersing op de Nederlands
  • AMICE Project Steering Group n°8
  • Costs of climate-change-induced floods in 2050 and 2100
  • SICadapt! final conference held in Lille
  • CETMEF video of online plateform for flood crisis management
  • Wonder how the activities along the Meuse could be influenced by climate change ?
  • Centre d'études techniques maritimes et fluviales


    Rol in het project AMICE

    WP1: CETMEF will focus on the impacts of floods and low-flows on:

    - transports (economical consequences), "DAST" division,

    - ecosystems (linked to the temperature and concentration of oxygen in water during low-flows), "DELFCE" division.

    It will also participate to the climate-check of banks and sluices on the French part of the river Meuse, "DOFNI" division. 

    WP4: CETMEF will support EPAMA for the development of OSIRIS and for the organisation of the flood crisis management exercice. CETMEF has been involved in OSIRIS from the very beginning and provides a major technical support. 

    WP5: CETMEF will participate to all actions organised. 

    CETMEF will also develop its own specific communication actions :

    - 1 workshop organisation for the sharing of experience on the OSIRIS/FLIWAS actions (WP4) with the other partners and external experts

    - leaflets for the presentation of OSIRIS, its utility and its improvements

    - international article(s) or/and communication(s), along with University of Compiègne and EPAMA on the topic of OSIRIS, but also transports and climate change.