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donderdag, maart 5 2009
AMICE officially approved

vrijdag, april 3 2009
Work Package 1 starts !

maandag, april 27 2009
First Project Steering Group meeting

dinsdag, april 28 2009
AMICE startbijeenkomst

dinsdag, april 28 2009
Site visit - Ny village and the Naives plain - Belgium

donderdag, juni 18 2009
WP4 starts !

donderdag, september 3 2009
Progresses from WP1

donderdag, september 10 2009
The Mekong delegation interested in the AMICE project

vrijdag, september 11 2009
WP3 Partners want to increase interactions between their respective actions

donderdag, oktober 15 2009
Project Steering Group meeting report - First Payment Claim

donderdag, oktober 20 2011

Joint publication by Belgian and German Partners

The University of Liège, the Technology Institute of Aachen and the Wasserverband Eifel-Rur have jointly signed an article in Dams and Reservoirs under changing Challenges.

Opportunities for updating and optimizing current operating rules are being evaluated for the Vesdre reservoirs in Belgium (50 M m³) and the Rur complex in Germany (300 M m³). This assessment is conducted transnationally at the scale of the Meuse river basin. Common methodological approaches are followed in both countries and operating rules are analyzed in light of common climate change scenarios, recently defined for the whole Meuse basin. Similar risk-based approaches are used consistently in both countries to evaluate the performance of new operating rules in terms of risk reduction for floods and low flows.

Read the full article :http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/85117


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