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donderdag, juni 18 2009

WP4 starts !

Partners involved in WP4 "Crisis management software" meet in Marche-en-Famenne (Belgium) in the brand new building of APS. The software used in France "OSIRIS", Belgium "Plan Communal de Sauvegarde" and the Netherlands "FLIWAS" for flood crisis man...

donderdag, december 17 2009

WP4 progresses

WP4 Partners met in Amsterdam before Christmas to discuss the interactions between their software and possible developments, which will be carried-out in 2010. Each country has different needs in terms of software improvements and it is not easy to ...

maandag, maart 1 2010

OSIRIS training in Belgium

In the framework of the AMICE project WP4, a training session to the OSIRIS software has been organised on 1st and 2nd March 2010 in Marche-en-Famenne (Belgium).Created and developed on the Loire and Meuse basin in France, this software provides assi...

zaterdag, mei 1 2010

WP4 report on Flood crisis management in the Meuse basin

The Partners involved in WorkPackage 4 have delivered their first report. They analysed how flood crisis management is organised in the Meuse countries (France, Belgium and The Netherlands) and which tools are used to support crisis preparation. Thi...

woensdag, juni 30 2010

Report of the last WP4 meeting

Here the report of the last WP4 meeting : flood crisis management software. Software development and implementation with the users is progressing. Partners will now start planning the transnational exercise, scheduled for 2011. Flood crisis managem...

donderdag, oktober 7 2010

WP4 Meeting

The last WP4 meeting focused on the analysis of the 3 flood management software, carried-out by APS, as well as the preliminary discussions on the 2011 Transnational Exercise organisation....

woensdag, februari 23 2011

Kick-off Seminar for the Transnational flood crisis management Exercise

In order to formally start the organisation of the transnational flood crisis management exercise planned in november 2011 by the AMICE project, a Seminar has been organised by Rijkswaterstaat on February 23rd 2011 at the chateau de Colonster on the...

vrijdag, juli 1 2011

Information sharing on the organisation of national flood exercises

The AMICE Partners have presented the progresses for the organisation of the national flood exercises in each country involved in the AMICE exercise : France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Partners have also worked jointly on identifying basis infor...

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pdf summary transnational exercice

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WP4 - Software voor de voorbereiding op extreem hoogwater

CRISIS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, a PREPAREDNESS measure against future water-related risks – the example of OSIRIS and FLIWAS, tools for flood crisis management and emergency planning.

Adaptation to climate change does not merely rely on water protection measures. One of the key pillars of any adaptation strategy is the anticipation of crisis situations: how to react to future extreme events in the most appropriate way. It includes the establishment of floods and low-flows EARLY-WARNING SYSTEMS, EMERGENCY PLANNING, RAISING AWARENESS of the riverine population.

This WP aims at the improvement and establishment of TRANSNATIONAL FLOOD CRISIS MANAGEMENT systems by combining the available methods for the individual countries. It will be based on the analysis of the methods, procedures and software used: OSIRIS for France and Wallonia (within the “local emergency plans”) and FLIWAS for Flanders and the Netherlands. The aim is to develop a transnational system that provides a common operational picture and to improve situational awareness.

WP4 will provide guidelines for transboundary flood crisis management and preparedness to future crisis that will feed the adaptation strategy.

The development of software is aimed at local representatives and contributes to the involvement of the local population. OSIRIS & FLIWAS will also contribute to the communication goals of AMICE by helping to maintain risk consciousness and appropriate reaction in case of floods. The training of the local population, via the FLOOD CRISIS EXERCISES, is probably one of the best solutions to prevent the casualties of climate change-induced floods. This will enable a better implication of the population and local authorities in the management of the flood event.

OSIRIS & FLIWAS are already innovative in their capacity to provide free, assisted and easily up-datable preparedness for flood crisis management. The new phase is real-time management, at different scales. Currently, there are few such tools adapted to direct crisis management.