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Climate Changing? Meuse Adapting!

De actualiteiten in verband met de actie

woensdag, februari 29 2012

climate impacts and climate proofed measures

Below are the documents shared during the last WP1 meeting. Topics discussed were : - Action 7 : presentation of the results of the flood damage calculation and low-flows impacts on agriculture, navigation, drink water and energy - Action 8 : a fir...

vrijdag, juni 14 2013

Climate-proof assessment of existing measures

The final report of the climate-proof assessment (WP1-Action8) is online right now! Enjoy!...

Verbonden documenten

doc Vanneuville

pdf WP1A8_climateproof assessment

Klimaatbestendige karakter van hedendaagse en toekomstige maatregelen

  • Climate-check of existing measures in water management.
  • Proposition and evaluation of new measures to be implemented on the Meuse river basin.

The objective is to assess whether water management measures are "climate-proof", which means resistant and efficient during their whole lifetime, under future climate conditions. The coherence (or incoherence) of the network of protections at the Meuse basin scale will also be demonstrated. Improvements can be proposed for the most vulnerable ones.

An inventory of existing measures is necessary (2009) as well as shared methods to evaluate them (ex. of probabilistic models MC-dikefail in Germany or FLORIS in the Netherlands). This action plan may necessitate the running of local hydraulic models (e.g. MOHICAN and WOLF for the Walloon Region).

The action will mainly consider flood protections (more numerous). However, measures against low-flows are being developed and special attention will be given to verify their sustainability.

Measures can be split into 5 categories, depending if they:

- reduce the failure of the protection work (advanced building technologies)

- reduce the damage (communication, forecast, action plans)

- reduce/increase the flow to the river (water retention in soils, reservoirs)

- reduce/increase water level (shape of the riverbed)

- international/national regulations (water savings, riverbed maintenance)

We will also climate-check, in advance, the new measures for the adaptation to floods and low-flows on the Meuse basin. The same methods will be used. New measures evaluated will be:

- planned by governments for future years but not yet effective,

- existing in neighbouring basins,

- large scale development of pilot investments.