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Commune d’Hotton

Administration communale, Rue des Ecoles, 50

B 6990 Hotton
Belgium, Wallonia
phone :
fax :
website : www.hotton.be

Commune d’Hotton

A propos

Rôle dans le projet AMICE

WP1: the city of Hotton will contribute to the strategy with feed-back from the sub-project in the Ny village.

WP5: the city of Hotton will be involved in all communication actions of the AMICE project and will host 2 Site Visits. 

WP2: the city of Hotton is responsible for the works and public communication around the investment in the village of Ny. They are in charge of solving the flood problem, and integrate the economical (tourism), ecological (Natura 2000 area) and social aspects. They will be helped by the Province of Luxembourg for the realisation of the investment (and the ecological monitoring, not within AMICE). 

The city of Hotton will also develop specific communication actions to involve the local population:

- the website of the city of Hotton will present the investments.

- letters will be sent, at the beginning of the project, to the population to explain the works.

- meetings with the population will be organised during the Site Visits involving all AMICE partners (Action12)

- an exhibition with the maps of the works will detail the investment. This exhibition will be organised in the main room of the village and co-animated by the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages. One presentation per year is foreseen during the activities organised with the association.

- M. Van Ypersele (member of the IPCC) will be present at the Site Visit in 2009.