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Waterboard Brabantse Delta

Bouvignelaan 5

4836 AA Breda
phone :
fax : 31 (0)7 65 601 450
website : www.brabantsedelta.nl

Waterboard Brabantse Delta

A propos

Rôle dans le projet AMICE

The Waterboard Brabantse Delta manages the rivers in the western part of Noord Brabant.

It has developed, in close cooperation with municipalities, nature organizations and farmer’s organizations, a master plan for the enhancement and management of the Mark-Vliet river basin with respect to nature development and flood damage prevention around the City of Steenbergen and Roosendaal (WP2). An area which is now in use as agricultural land will be changed to nature. The water system will be changed so that the water can freely flow over the restored area. The approach is to develop and implement the plan through an open planning process. During this process, agreements on the future management of the lands are also made. The development of the plan will be started in 2009 and construction will be completed by 2011.

The waterboard also has many experiences in integrated water management and therefore can help to realize the goals set for the other workpackages.

WP1: provide data for the Brabantse Delta sub-basin and return of experience for the Adaptation Strategy.

WP5: participate to all communication actions of the AMICE project. Waterboard Brabantse Delta will host at least 2 Site Visits on the Steenbergsche Vliet natural water rentention area. It is used to working with RIOU and plan to develop its own website to present the AMICE project and the investment it manages.