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Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst, Zuiderwagenplein 2, Postbus 17

8200 AA, Lelystad
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website : www.rws.nl
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Les actualité du partenaire :

  • Visite de site - village de Ny et plaines de Naives - Belgique
  • AMICE officially approved
  • First Project Steering Group meeting
  • WP4 starts !
  • Progresses from WP1
  • WP3 Partners want to increase interactions between their respective actions
  • Project Steering Group meeting report - First Payment Claim
  • WP2 Partners share experience
  • WP2 Partners share experience
  • Première réception de fonds FEDER par le projet AMICE
  • WP3 Partners meeting in Hasselt
  • WP4 progresses
  • Première parution de la newsletter AMICE
  • Réunion d étape du WorkPackage 1
  • Symposium Meuse - la session AMICE
  • Project Steering Group 3 - meeting report
  • WP4 report on Flood crisis management in the Meuse basin
  • AMICE Site Visit on Amel Amblève
  • Début des actions 6 et 7
  • Compte-rendu de la dernière réunion du WP4
  • WP1 report on the Analysis of climate change, high-flows and low-flows scenarios on the Meuse basin
  • Résumé : Analyse du changement climatique, des scénarios d inondation et d étiage sur le bassin de la Meuse
  • Mise à jour sur les actions du WP1
  • Lancement du Cluster SICadapt!
  • Réunion WP4
  • 3ème édition de Meuse et Climat
  • Project Steering Group 5
  • Séminaire de préparation à l Exercice Transnational de gestion de crise inondation
  • Cluster Website and Expert Board
  • Visite de Site AMICE en Allemagne
  • WP3-WP2 joint meeting
  • WP1 updates
  • WP1 update: transnational damage functions agreed
  • Partage d information sur l organisation des exercices inondation nationaux
  • Meuse et Climat 4 fait le point sur les activités récentes du projet AMICE
  • Fin de l Action 6 - Début de l Action 8
  • Modélisation complète du bassin de la Meuse
  • Project Steering Group 8
  • Exercice transnational de gestion de crise inondation
  • Meuse et Climat 5
  • WP1 meeting
  • AMICE final conference : in preparation
  • climate impacts and climate proofed measures
  • Project Steering Group n.7
  • Which AMICE investment is the best ?
  • Feedback on the Walloon and French flood exercises
  • Partners' interviews on Investments
  • Premier Atelier pour la définition de la Stratégie d'Adaptation Climatique d'AMICE
  • Deuxième atelier pour la définition de la Stratégie d'Adaptation AMICE
  • Apprenez les paroles de la chanson AMICE
  • Exercice inondation aux Pays-Bas
  • AMICE Project Steering Group n°8
  • Costs of climate-change-induced floods in 2050 and 2100
  • Lessons learnt from the AMICE investments
  • Rapport sur les ateliers de travail pour la définition d'une stratégie d'adaptation sur la Meuse
  • Quel impact du changement climatique sur les activitiés le long de la Meuse ?
  • Ministrie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat, Waterdienst - Limburg

    A propos

    Rôle dans le projet AMICE

    Rijkwaterstaat is responsible for the water management of the river Meuse in the Netherlands.
    - provide data for the bibliography on the Meuse in the Netherlands,
    - translation & publication of VAN REGEN TOT MAAS,
    - involved in all scientific works of WP1,
    - Reference Partner for the Action 9: elaboration of the Strategy of Adaptation.
    WP2: provide data on the Volkerak-Zoommeer lake for the dimensioning of the Steenbergse Vliet natural water retention zone.
    WP3: Rijkswaterstaat is the water manager of the Dutch part of the Meuse and has direct interest in the possibilities of influencing water quantities (floods & low flows). It will follow closely the works done in the 3 sub-projects of WP3.
    WP4: Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the development of FLIWAS and for the operational flood & low-flow forecasting on the Dutch part of the Meuse. Rijkswaterstaat will be the coordinator in the Netherlands for the flood crisis management exercise & return of experience.

    Rijkswaterstaat will also participate to all communication actions of WP5.

    Rijkswaterstaat is member of the International Meuse Commission and will participate to the sharing of works between AMICE and the IMC.
    It is also Project Leader in two other INTERREG IV B projects: ALFA and FloodResilientCity, and Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst will facilitate cooperation with them and AMICE.
    Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst was involved in INTERREG III B project FAR and will ensure that the acquired experience on the Rhine is transferred to the AMICE project on the Meuse.
    Rijkwaterstaat is represented by two departments: Limburg and Waterdienst. Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst is the main partner and Rijkwaterstaat Limburg will be associated automatically.