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Eisenbahnstraße 5

52353 Düren
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fax : 49 (0)2 421 494 99 1141
website : www.wver.de
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    A propos

    Rôle dans le projet AMICE

    In the catchment of the river Eifel-Rur, the water board Eifel-Rur (WVER) is responsible for:

    - Operation of a reservoir system with a total volume of 300 Mio. m³,

    - Flood control and water management,

    - Wastewater treatment, and

    - Nature conservation.

    The staff of WVER has deep knowledge in river maintenance, flood protection, flood action plans, natural retention of river systems, modeling of water systems, etc. There is a strong collaboration with other partners in the catchment area like governmental authorities, agriculture, industry, research facilities, and the population. 

    In detail, the contribution will be to:

    - Provide hydrological data for the Rur tributary

    - Provide knowledge for natural retention measures

    - Provide knowledge for flow control measures

    - Provide knowledge for alarm systems and crisis management

    - Develop adaption strategies to mitigate climate change effects

    - Carry modelling and risk analysis for the river Rur to prepare adaption of the reservoir flow control

    - Elaborate a new reservoir control system to mitigate the effects of climate change in the lower Rur and Meuse basin

    - Involve experts in the elaboration of the new reservoir control system

    - Organise public information about the effects of climate change and adaptation strategies