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Climate Changing? Meuse Adapting!

Mardi 24 novembre 2009

WP2 Partners share experience

WP2 Partners - the city of Hotton, RIOU vzw, Waterboard Brabantse Delta - met on 24th November in Hasselt, BE. They presented their investments and the first achievements. All investments deal with natural water retention on small scale basins, tributary to the Meuse.

Partners will visit one another to learn how water retention is achieved in the three different areas of the Meuse basin.

Experience sharing has started on two different topics :

- how biodiversity and water quality are taken into account in such investments? Water quantity problems are the main and first concern on these areas. But all water-related aspects should be considered to achieve a sustainable development of the area and a better anticipation of climate change.

- how communication can be improved with the local population? The local communities are hardly in favour or interested by the investments being planned on their territory. This is not due to lack of efforts from the water managers, but from a lack of methodology and means. Strategies and tools used by the three Partners involved in WP2 will be compared and their efficiency evaluated.

The report and presentations from the meeting are available hereunder.


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