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Climate Changing? Meuse Adapting!

Les actualités en lien avec l'action

Documentaire intéractif

The AMICE documentary will be composed of 20 clips of 1 min. each. A traditional film has the disadvantage of requiring the viewer to hold his attention for a long period. Here, the viewer is free to play the sequences he/she wishes. The 1-min formula is also more flexible: the first sequences can be produced in 2009 and used immediately. Communication via the documentary will be effective all along the project.

The film company will start with the consultation of partners on how their subject would be best presented; locations will be visited and a script written, covering all AMICE's actions. For each 1-min clip, scenarios will be discussed with the relevant partners. To make messages more convincing, animations of situations in the future context could be created.

Partners will be free to use the sequences, as well as all other items of the website. A stand-alone version will be produced to be used during meetings or excursions.