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Climate Changing? Meuse Adapting!

Les actualités en lien avec l'action

Mardi 28 avril 2009

Réunion de lancement du projet AMICE

Le projet AMICE a été initié par l’EPAMA début 2008 et de nombreux organismes et institutions ont été contactés lors de l'élaboration du dossier de candidature. Tous n’ont pas pu s&r...

Jeudi 22 avril 2010

Symposium Meuse - la session AMICE

Le Symposium Meuse est un évènement organisé tous les 4 ans pour assurer un examen des connaissances existantes et un échange d informations entre scientifiques, autorités compétentes, gestionnaires et op&eac...

Jeudi 12 janvier 2012

International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering Aachen (IWASA)

On January 12th and 13th, the AMICE Partner IWW has host a major two-day symposium. Over the years this International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering Aachen (IWASA) has become a renowned meeting point and information center among experts. The con...

Jeudi 9 février 2012

AMICE final conference : in preparation

The AMICE Partners have started the preparation of the Project s final conference. It will be held on March 13th to 15th, 2013 : write it down in your agendas ! We cannot tell too much, yet. But that will be held in France and gather about 200 wate...

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pdf AMICE généralités

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pdf IWASA 2012 collage

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Réunions internationales

The end of Actions 3, 7 & 9 represent an opportunity to join major International Events to promote the AMICE project and share results. These events will be dedicated to politicians, water managers and experts of all sectors potentially impacted by modifications of the hydrology.

The final International Event will be organised jointly by EPAMA and RIOU as well as the partners from the host country:

- First Event: 2010, Belgium, results from floods & low-flows scenarios,

- Second Event: 2012, Germany, results from risk analysis of future extreme events,

- Third Event: 2012, France, results from strategy of adaptation and investments.

200 participants are foreseen at the last event.

Specialists from different countries will be invited to present their experiences and ideas to an international attendance. The meetings can include specialised workshops where all attendees will be able to discuss the views and experiences presented.

The International Events will provide:

- an important input of knowledge on the topics presented;

- a real working and learning network all along the river Meuse.

The last International Event will also be the occasion to launch new ideas of transnational projects on the Meuse.

We will look for possibilities to associate these meetings with others, if possible bigger, events that already are being organised in the 4 countries of the Meuse basin.

The First Event could take place in Liege, in relation to the Meuse Symposium.

The Second will be organised with the help from RWTH-Aachen that organises the International Hydraulic Symposium "IWASA" in January 2012 (http://www.iww.rwth-aachen.de). Target group are scientists, civil servants, consultants and everyone who is interested in hydraulic research and hydraulic projects. There are about 300 attendees each year. The symposium is a perfect platform for communication in Germany.