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Climate Changing? Meuse Adapting!

nv De Scheepvaart

Havenstraat 44

3500 Hasselt
Belgium, Flanders
phone :
fax : 32 (0)1 122 12 77
website : www.descheepvaart.be

nv De Scheepvaart


Tasks in the AMICE project


- provide data for the bibliography (all data needed on the Meuse basin in Flanders),

- involved in scientific works of WP1 (hydraulic simulations, risk calculation, risk assessment, guidance notes, proposition and assessment new measures, strategy report)

WP3 :

- nv De Scheepvaart is responsible for the design and installation of the pump and water powerplant on the Albert Canal

WP4 :

- provide the Flemish methods and tools for flood crisis management

- involved in the improvement of flood crisis management software

- is partner in the transnational flood risk management exercise

WP5: nv De Scheepvaart will participate to all communication actions of the AMICE project.

Specific communication actions :

- installation of signs around the pump to explain the system to the population and show the production of electricity

- organisation of an international event for exchange of experiences dealing with handling the low water problem in the Meuse basin

Nv de Scheepvaart is the representative of Flanders at the International Meuse Commission and will participate to the exchange of information between AMICE and the Commission.