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Thursday, october 25 2012

Flood exercise demonstration in The Netherlands

This exercise is organised in the framework of the European Projet AMICE, on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th, october 2012.


Each crisis organisation in the Meuse basin has its own tools, process and systems. Information sharing within the organisations is good, but remains unsufficient towards the other organisations.

Partners on the Meuse basin are working to improve the situation.

Floods occured in the Netherlands in 2010-2011 which called for an analysis of collaboration within the country. To test the improvements of processes and information sharing, an exercise is organised in cooperation with the security district Veiligheidsregio Zuid/Limburg, the national transport Rijkswaterstaat, and the waterboard Roer en Overmaas.

At the end of the day, we wish the participants :

- had the opportunity to know each others,

- have learnt about the crisis management process in the Netherlands,

- have identified the common steps to improve informations sharing.


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