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Tuesday, september 4 2012

HOWABO Site visit

The rivers Aa and Dommel are important to 's-Hertogenbosch but they cause problems. They are not able to discharge their water at (very) high water levels in the Maas, which makes the city flooded. The tidal wave is further accelerated by the Maaswerken project, which is making the river water reach ‘s-Hertogenbosch even faster.

The challenge is to create new water storage that is adapted to the needs of tomorrow: a big city with major infrastructure and natural beauty that should offer resistance to climate changes. There should be no negative impact on Natura 2000 areas and the effects on landscape, historical values and land use should be minimized. Sufficient water storage capacity should be created, and the solution must also be cost efficient, robust and multifunctional. For all these reasons there was chosen for the 'Green River', in which the historic 'water dragon' from 's-Hertogenbosch is partially restored.

Experience the ambitions and results of HOWABO in practice. What is the impact of the AMICE networks in practice as it is in HOWABO? Learned lessons will be shared with you. You are cordially invited to participate in this special field trip on September 4th!

This field visit is combined with a major conference on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive.

Register and check the programme on http://www.wfdconference.com/


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