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Thursday, december 16 2010

Presentation of the hydraulic modelling results

Maïté FOURNIER (EPAMA) | Hydraulic modelling

On 16th December 2010 was held the second intermediate meeting of WP1 (scientific studies) to present results of the hydraulic modelling (Action 6). It was hosted by the University of Liège.

The invitation and list of participants can be found here.

Maïté Fournier started with a short presentation of AMICE and previous achievements of WP1.
Benjamin Dewals, who was coordinating Action 6 jointly with Sylvain Detrembleur, disclosed the first results of the hydraulic modelling and explained the methodology used toconnect the different hydrualic models and ensure consistency at the country borders.
The results of Action 6 are of utmost importance for Action 7 which deals with risk analysis and damage calculation. Benjamin Sinaba from RWTH Aachen, presented the methodology that will be used by the AMICE Partners.

AMICE is also seeking connections with other initiatives in order to exchange knowledge and outputs.
Markus Lang is the Leader of SICadapt! This is a cluster of 8 projects from the Interreg IV B Programme all dealing with climate change adaptation in different sectors. He came to present the aims and organisation of SICadapt
Otto DeKeizer is working both on the Meuse and Rhine river basins. He is presenting the RheinBlick 2050 research project and a discussion is started on the opportunity to carry-out a similar study on the Meuse basin.

Each presentation was followed by questions from the audience.

The speakers demonstrated that thanks to AMICE, the Meuse countries have the opportunity to share data and methodologies to the benefit of all Partners. This cooperation already lead to a better understanding of the basin characteristics, the improvement of hydraulic models and risk assessment methodologies.

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