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Thursday, april 22 2010

Meuse Symposium - the AMICE session

Maïté FOURNIER (EPAMA) | International events

The Meuse Symposium is a great event organised every 4 years to ensure an overview of existing knowledge and an exchange of information between scientists, authorities, water managers and operators, companies, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders, regarding the stakes the Meuse District will have to face in the coming years.

The 3rd Meuse Symposium Meuse took place on April 22nd and 23rd, 2010 in Liege (BE).

The AMICE project, supported by the International Meuse Commission, was presented during this event: a unique opportunity to discover all workgroups of the project, meet the Partners and be informed of our recent outputs.

All AMICE presentations and posters from this event can be downloaded hereunder.


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