Agence Prévention et Sécurité


Rolle beim AMICE Projekt

APS is involved in WP4 in priority. APS is responsible for the development and improvement of OSIRIS in Wallonia. The OSIRIS software will be combined within the existing Local emergency and intervention plan. APS will train local users in Wallonia. It will organise the flood management exercice for Wallonia.

APS has also developed 3D applications that will be used for the trainings and communication actions of WP4. 

APS will transfer the acquired experience among meetings with the Provincial Safety Comitee, the National Crisis Center in Brussels and with the European Space Agency (meetings every 3 months). 

APS will be present during decisional meetings of WP1, especially to ensure that crisis management and preparedness is not forgotten; and will contribute with feedbacks from the transnational exercice on flood crisis management.

It will collaborate to all communication actions of WP5 and be the partner responsible for the return of experience of the transnational flood crisis exercice for Wallonia.