Université Paul Verlaine de Metz - Centre d’Etudes Géographiques de l’Université de Metz


Rolle beim AMICE Projekt


- Reference Partner for Action 1(literature review) and Action 3 (scenarios)

- provide data for the bibliography (all data needed on the Meuse in France), 

- involved in scientific works of WP1 (hydrologic regime and functioning of the basin in high and low flows, trends of climate and hydrologic regimes evolutions, exiting tools of forecast and prevention, meteorological and hydrological hazards, assement of existing protections) 

WP5: participates to all Communication actions organised 

University of Metz-CEGUM is involved in many EU research programs on the Meuse, Moselle and Rhine and is an essential link to many experts and scientists involved in adaptation to climate change.

University of Metz-CEGUM will also contribute to the dissemination of knowledge via scientific publications.