Die Aktualitäten in Verbindung mit der Aktion

Donnerstag, September 10 2009

The Mekong delegation interested in the AMICE project

Today, the delegation from the Mekong river visited the Meuse Commission in Liège to learn about international cooperation in river management. The AMICE project was presented to illustrate cooperation on the topic of climate Change. The deleg...

Montag, Februar 15 2010

First edition of AMICE newsletter

We, all of the AMICE partners are very happy to present you the first issue of Meuse and Climate the newsletter of the AMICE project. In this first issue you can read more about the aims of AMICE, the partnership and some of our actions....

Donnerstag, März 18 2010

Site Visits - HOWABO and Steenbergse Vliet - The Netherlands

AMICE Partners and followers had the opportunity to visit each others and discover two investment locations in The Netherlands on March 18th and 19th, 2010.The first one is the HOWABO project in the City of  s Hertogenbosch (in AMICE known as ac...

Montag, Juni 14 2010

Second issue of Meuse and Climate !

The second issue of the newsletter Meuse and Climate is now downloadable ! You will find here all updates about AMICE since last December: the major events, photos and first results. We wish you a pleasant reading !...

Freitag, Dezember 31 2010

Third issue of Meuse and Climate

The third issue of the newsletter Meuse and Climate is now downloadable !You will find here all updates about AMICE since last July: the major events, photos and first results.We wish you a pleasant reading !...

Freitag, August 19 2011

Meuse and Climate 4 presents the AMICE project s latests activities

The fourth issue of AMICE newsletter Meuse and Climate is now downloadable ! You will read about the latests developments of the Project from January 2011: major events, pictures and progresses of the different workgroups. We wish you a pleasant mo...

Montag, März 12 2012

AMICE presented at the World Water Forum

AMICE will be presented at the World Water Forum by EPAMA President, M. Jean-Paul Bachy, during the opening sessions of March 12th. This invitation is a wonderful acknowledgment of the quality of our project and an opportunity to share more largely o...

Mittwoch, Juni 6 2012

Old River Meuse and Super Hero AMICE

At the annual INTERREG IVB event in Dortmund on June 6th we had the opportunity to present AMICE's results. We did it in a rather original way by means of a dialogue between old, old mrs. Meuse who has lots of problems and super hero AMICE bringing s...

Donnerstag, Juni 7 2012

Climate workshop at the Interreg IV B Annual Event

One of the workshops of the Interreg IV B Annual Event was specially focused on climate change. A cartoonist was present to illustrate our discussions....

Dienstag, Januar 29 2013

SICadapt! final conference held in Lille

The Cluster SICadapt! held its final conference in Lille on January 29th, 2012. We had the opportunity to meet again with the 8 other Interreg IV B projects dealing with climate change adaptation. AMICE organised one of the workshops on the topic of...

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WP5 - Kommunikation und Verbreitung der Ergebnisse

Transnational COMMUNICATION and DISSEMINATION of the Results of the AMICE project.

The objective is to develop ambitious communication tools for the dissemination of AMICE's results. The means developed will reach all target publics: experts, politicians and the population of the Meuse and present results from all the above WP. The means will be sufficienlty large-scale to disseminate clear concerted messages throughout the entire Meuse basin. The communication tools will also be spread across the 4 year duration of the project.

The Partnership will produce a CONCERTED COMMUNICATION, in the 4 LANGUAGES of NWE. Climate change will be at the core of the communication strategy which will emphasize the needs and opportunities to adapt rapidly and efficiently to future situations. The goal is also to explain the strategy of adaptation that Partners are going to propose: what is the strategy for? why should we implement it now? how is it reliable?

Other messages will be to:

- Develop the sense of belonging to a common catchment basin and increase solidarity

- Increase knowledge of the Meuse basin, its strengths, the richness of its ecological and man-made heritage

- Reinforce notions and understanding of climate change and sustainable development

- Maintain risk consciousness